Audio Post Production

Once upon a time… in The Land of Analog Two Inch Tape… and the Reel to Reel People… in Big Studio recording rooms in the Big City… sad sad clients paid many hundreds of dollars an hour to create a soundtrack for their visual media project:  record narrators, ADR, and voice-overs… design sound and edit sound effects… lay-in a music score… and mix the entire sonic package to picture.

Then came the World of 0’s and 1’s.  And.  The Internet.

Now… all of those essential elements that comprise a film, television show, advertisement, industrial, or website’s audio can be produced on portable laptop computers in, say, the comfort of a country-fied recording facility, yet with state of the art digital recording equipment, microphones, processors, and instruments.  Superior Big City sound; reasonable Out-of-Town prices.  Happy happy clients!

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