Album Production

Some of the most fun we have here at the One-Stop is making records and demos–either for myself and my own, or my bands’, recordings.

I also love working with my client-recording artists of-all-ages.  Some may have come over to brush up on their songwriting chops; then continue on, making a demo or album; and then head to the last and hippest stop of all–signing their music to Future Hits… and licensing their tracks to us, to help pay them the bills and live the dream.  There’s the One-Stop in action.


Music from my first indie CD, recorded and produced in my studio and others, and containing a collection of some of my favorite personal acoustic/singer-songwriter stuff—with the able assistance of my best co-writers and fellow musicians… too numerous to mention.  You’ll just have to buy the CD and read the liner notes!  Or, if you prefer, you can also simply download here:

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And here’s just about my favorite review—all the more so since it’s the opinion of a personal hero and rock DJ icon, the late/great Pete Fornatale, from his public radio WFUV show, “Mixed Bag”:

“The entire recording, which is called ‘Collection,’ is wonderful.  There are songs on here that will fit many of the programs that we do down the road in the days ahead.  ‘Mickey Mantle’ is the best song I’ve heard about baseball in decades.  A.J. is a hidden treasure.”  

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Home At Last – Exit 43

Debut CD from my band, Exit 43—a group of 4 professional musicians, 3 incredible vocalists, 2 acoustic guitars, 1 piano—and a contemporary acoustic folk/rock/gospel sound.  Our songs have a great spiritual/pop feel with beautiful 3-part harmonies and real messages for the world.

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As Mike Horyczun, music critic for the Norwalk Hour says:

“If you follow Exit 43, you’ll be traveling through some fine musical territory.”

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Love On The Air

This is my CD of Greatest TV Hits, including my three Emmy-winning songs, from these three classic daytime dramas:  originally released as a CD/songbook by Cherry Lane Music, and then as a stand-alone CD by PolyGram records.  Unfortunately, the shows are no longer on the air, but fortunately the music lives on!  Feel free to contact/email me directly if you are interested in hearing “Love On The Air.”

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Helium Brothers

40 years is a long time.  40 years in band years is an eternity.  So it’s pretty special that my very first band, going back to college days, is still together today:  playing gigs, having a blast, sounding as good as ever.  Check us out and Like us on Facebook, and find out where you can catch our next gig:

And here are a few YouTube links to some of our favorite originals–come on, inhale a little Helium!

Wishful Thinkin’               Lumberyard Blues             Helium Montage