I’m a producer.

A huge part of being successful, of breaking though with your music and sound, involves recording it.  Duh!  If you’re an industry client and you’ve got a TV show, film, or an advertisement that’s getting ready for release, you have music and audio needs.  If you’re a recording artist or songwriter with a bunch of songs, what good are they doing you, sitting in your drawer collecting dust, or on your hard drive collecting… nothing.  Record it, kids!  You might have a Future Hit.

I’ve worked at the highest levels of professional recording studios, audio-post production houses, and network television facilities—as a music and audio producer, music supervisor/director, and engineer/music/sound editor.  I also own and operate a state-of the-art ProTools digital audio workstation/studio from which I do much of my work—and where I’ve produced a number of my songs and scores, Emmy-winning and much more, for Future Hits and much more; recorded and arranged my own and my clients’ demos and records; and produced audio-post mixes, voice-overs, narration, ADR, and sound design/effects for my TV/film/video/new media clients.

Geographically desirability, again, not a problem.  If you’re in the Connecticut/Metro NYC area, come to my studio for a hands-on experience.  If not, you can again virtually dial me up from any place on the planet–and I can record your demo, album, score, voice-over, soundtrack or Future Hit remotely.  You don’t have to even be here! I’ve shared ProTools audio and Quicktime video files with clients half way around the world.  I’ve shared them with musician/contributors/friends from bands in the area like Saturday Night Live and David Letterman and more–when I need a real human!   And in any case, you’ll get the benefit of an Emmy award-winning producer.

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