I’m a businessman.

As a lifelong musician, I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur at a business called A.J. Gundell.  I believe it’s not only possible, it’s essential, for us to take a businesslike approach to our creativity, and also a creative approach to our business.

I’ve come to understand the simple stupid truth that the music business consists of those two parts:  music and business—and that success depends on a passionate dedication to being exceptional at both.  So creatively, I’ve achieved results I’m very proud of like the 13 Emmys.  But I’m also the owner of two corporations and the CEO of Future Hits.  I go to work every day:  making music.  That’s the dream come true I reference on my About page, and maybe the main reason it has come true.

My music and sound is my product.  Like all products, it has a brand… with an identifiable sonic quality that I strive to make unique, potentially special, and if so, with a good chance of being successful in the project for which it’s targeted.  In effect, I am my own brand–with two divisions:  my music and sound, and my clients’ music and sound as produced by One-Stop and Future Hits.

In listening to me, I believe you hear my brand:  guitar-centric; emotionally expressive; organic, often acoustic, a bit of heartland and a lot of contemporary rock, pop, folk, country and orchestral elements mixed in; well suited for a variety of applications and projects.  In listening to the work of my clients, you can hear a diverse range of excellent independent music, studio productions, and audio assets.

In whatever capacity your music and sound is produced, you are your own brand as well.  And I can help you to identify, create, and market it.   I’m a big believer in the power of music and sound to capture and deliver our messages:  as I also say on the About page… to tell our story, and to make money at it.

If you’re a potential client and hear a song, a score, a sound that you feel would brand your product appropriately, call me.  I can assist you in finding strategic solutions for your sonic identity, and then help you realize it—composing, producing, recording audio, designing sound/fx, and mixing for you here at the One-Stop or delivering Future Hits.

If you’re a songwriter/composer/recording artist… although you may or may not know, or have yet to discover it… your music has a brand, too.  So call me.  I can help you write, record, bring it to Future Hits:  coach and assist in helping you find yourself.  I’ve spent 35 years as a professional musician finding me.  The discoveries never stop because our changes never do.

So, pulling all of this together with a marketing sensibility for all my business and creative clientele, I can help you find ways to create, brand and market your product and your music: through our creative work together; through business consultation; via individual coaching sessions; and from workshops that I conduct for music and educational groups.  And, in whatever way you decide to broach the coach, the end of our work together will hopefully be the beginning of yours, and the next chapter of your musical and audio life.  You’ll learn what I’ve learned:  how to be effective at doing what you love most in this world.

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