• If you are reading this, Andy must be interested in collaborating in some capacity with you and whatever project lies ahead.  My recommendation is:  bring him onboard.  You won’t be sorry.
      Francesca James
      Executive Producer, ABC’s “All My Children”


    • Andy has won many awards for us, both as a music director and songwriter.  He is an intuitive scorer, a skilled audio-post mixer, and a quality composer.  Generally, I hesitate to write recommendations for people.  Writing one for Andy is different.  This is a letter from the heart about a man who deserves serious consideration.
      Jill Diamond
      Supervising Music Producer, Proctor & Gamble Productions


    • Collaborating w/Andy was like working with a long lost brother.  He just knew.  A gifted, experienced composer with a vast range that transformed our production and added to its emotional impact.
      Bonnie Dickinson
      Creator/Director, CPTV Docu-Drama “Voices in Conflict”


    • Did I e-mail you that I got a check from ASCAP last week?   If only I could be getting checks for lots of my songs all the time!  Thanks again for making that happen.  You are the only music biz contact person who has actually delivered what you promised in years and I really appreciate it.  I wish we could work together all the time.
      Kimberlye Gold
      Indie artist and library songwriter


    • I worked with Andy on several large projects that I ran for Reader’s Digest.  Andy is… well, just the best.  He is that perfect melding of creativity and business professional.  Creatively, he is a talented composer and recording artist.  And, when he runs a project, his production/studio is seamlessly professional; projects come in on time and on budget. Outstanding projects delivered on time and on budget:  what more could anyone ask for?
      Donna Esposito
      V.P., Reader’s Digest English


Composer/Songwriter/Music Supervisor/Producer

    • You did a really nice job on it.  I’m so happy!
      Evan Silver
      Director, MTV’s “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”


    • The music was a tremendous hit!  I can’t thank you enough for your patience and commitment to creating a dynamic piece of music for the event.  The response from everyone who I spoke with gave a great reaction to it.
      Mario Mercado, Jr., Production Executive and Director, Media Distribution, NBC’s Sports Network “World Series of Fighting”


    • Thanks for the quick work—I thought what you did was awesome!
      Howard Grandison
      Director, MTV’s “Nitro Circus”


    • The soundtrack was A++++.  It brought the piece up to another level.
      Jay Whitsett
      Executive Producer, CPTV Docu-Drama “Voices in Conflict”


    • I look forward to working with you again.  You’re great, and your work was superb!
      Tom Dryden
      Principal, Dryden Partners Advertising


    • ‘Mickey Mantle’ is the best song about baseball that I’ve heard in years.
      Peter Fornatale
      Legendary rock and roll disc jockey


    • You obviously know your way around scores/arranging, and it’s very refreshing to be able to just get right down to the nitty gritty.  Thanks for making things even more simple on our end.  Let’s keep the lines of communication open in the event that we need some more magic from you.  
      Mike Eggers
      Creative Director, Euro Worldwide Advertising


    • We’re very happy with these.  Many thanks for the great job and quick turnaround.
      Jonathan Seed
      Account Director, Euro Worldwide Advertising


Audio-Post Producer/Engineer/Sound Designer

    • I so enjoyed meeting you and watching you in action!  Your entire team (even the members just on this project) was amazing, committed and excited–a total tribute to you.  Count me among your fans, and I look forward to working with you more.  It is a joy to work with you. 
      Margaret Crotty
      Reader’s Digest “English20” Executive in Charge of Production


    • Andy is a gifted producer, composer and musician.  I hired him to score and post a feature length movie with a unique challenge he hadn’t encountered before.  The movie was the beating heart of an English language-learning program.  It needed to have compelling characters, engrossing drama, a first-rate soundtrack, and… vocabulary.  Andy scored and mixed 120 scenes at the high level you’d expect from a double digit Emmy Award winner.  What was surprising and delightful was how well Andy’s original library of themes and cues fit the personalities of the characters, the narrative arc of the film, and the learning objectives of the overall program.  The talent, intuition, and craft he brought to the project didn’t just lift up production values – it increased effectiveness.  Andy works fast.  He is a first-rate listener and collaborator.  He knows when a pause – or silence – is preferable to a power chord or a cymbal crash.  He sweats the details.  He is the consummate pro.  Highly recommended!
      Conall Ryan
      Reader’s Digest “English20” Creator and Producer


    • Andy is superb!  He designed the sound, composed the music, and worked w/ the actors on their vocals for hours.  Andy’s music transformed the world of our play and added tremendous emotional impact.  He is a seasoned professional with a HUGE range.  A joy to work with.
      Bonnie Dickinson
      Creator/Director, “Voices In Conflict”



    • I love the people in my class.  I love how there’s such a unique group of us who bring so many different characteristics and traits to the class.  I love the mix of adults and teenagers.  I love the way everybody really understands each other and genuinely wants to hear more (of both the person’s music as well as life stories in general).  Andy’s all-around amazing-ness creates a space of trust, entertainment, and ultimately, love.  It’s so nice to have a place where I’m not afraid of judgment, a place where I can feed off of ideas and have others feed off of mine.  It’s nice to have a place where I leave inspired and rush to my guitar and/or notebook the second I get home.  It’s nice to have someplace to look forward to going every weekend. 
      Rachel Shapiro
      Youth indie songwriting student/recording artist/client


    • That was the most wonderful day of my musical life.
      Kelly Weiman
      Youth indie songwriting student/recording artist/client


    • On behalf of the University of New Haven Music Department and Career Development Center, it was a great honor to have you speak to the UNH Community on your experiences in the industry.  We have received many favorable remarks from students and staff about the information offered.  You are always welcome on our campus.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you are in the area again.  Thanks again for providing such a compelling and informative glimpse into the professional world of music through your experiences.  I look forward to speaking with you again soon.
      Michelle Demery
      UNH-Office Co-coordinator


    • Recording with you definitely helped me out a ton during the whole recording process.  I appreciate all the times we’ve worked together.
      Thomas Crager
      Youth indie recording artist/client


    • Thomas had a wonderful experience working with you.  Nothing beats “Camp Andy”!  
      Tim Crager
      Father of youth indie artist Thomas Crager


    • I’m taking Andy’s songwriting class for a second time because my first session was such a positive experience. Andy cultivates a very supportive atmosphere that allowed me to connect with other talented songwriters and reconnect with the no-longer-dormant musician within me.  I am now writing a song a week.
      Chris Friden
      Adult songwriting student


    • I am taking this class again because I absolutely love everyone in it and everything that goes on within it.  We have built up such a secure and trustworthy friendship between each of us and I know that friendship will grow.  This class is a very positive environment to share ideas and, of course, our songs.  It’s a group of talented people who feel the same way about music that I do.  We love it!  
      Langley Crisp
      Youth songwriting student


    • These young writers/singers are so lucky to have you!
      Carrie Sandor
      Mother of recording artist/songwriter Stephanie Ann


Performing Musician/Singer/Songwriter

    • Thanks again—you were awesome and the crowd loved you!
      Fairfield Theatre Company


    • A hidden treasure.
      Pete Fornatale
      Legendary rock and roll disc jockey