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"If you are reading this, Andy must be interested in collaborating in some capacity with you and whatever project lies ahead. My recommendation is: bring him onboard. You won't be sorry."
Francesca James
Executive Producer, ABC

"You did a really nice job on it. I'm so happy!"
Evan Silver
Director, MTV

"The music was a tremendous hit! I can't thank you enough for your patience and commitment to creating a dynamic piece of music for the event. The response from everyone who I spoke with gave a great reaction to it."
Mario Mercado, Jr.
Production Executive and Director, NBC Sports Network

"Collaborating with Andy was like working with a long-lost brother. He just knew. A gifted, experienced composer with a vast range that transformed our production and added to its emotional impact."
Bonnie Dickinson
Creator-Director, CPTV Docu-Drama "Voices in Conflict"

"Andy is a gifted producer, composer and musician. He works fast. He is a first-rate listener and collaborator. He knows when a pause or silence is preferable to a power chord or a cymbal crash. He sweats the details. He is the consummate pro. Highly recommended!"
Conall Ryan
Creator and Producer,'English20'

"Andy has won many awards for us, both as a music director and songwriter. He is an intuitive scorer, a skilled audio-post mixer, and a quality composer. Generally, I hesitate to write recommendations for people. Writing one for Andy is different. This is a letter from the heart about a man who deserves serious consideration."
Jill Diamond
Supervising Music Producer, Proctor & Gamble Productions

"The soundtrack was A++++. It brought the piece up to another level."
Jay Whitsett
Executive Producer, CPTV Docu-Drama "Voices in Conflict"

"I worked with Andy Gundell on several large projects I ran for Reader's Digest. Andy is ... well just the best. He is that perfect melding of creativity and business professional. Creatively, he is a talented composer and recording artist. And, when he runs a project, his production/studio is seamlessly professional; projects come in on time and on budget. Outstanding projects delivered on time and on budget - what more could anyone ask for?"
Donna Esposito
Executive in Charge of Production

"I so enjoyed meeting and watching you in action! Your entire team was amazing, committed and excited - a total tribute to you. Count me among your fans. It's a joy to work with you."
Margaret Crotty
Producer, Reader's Digest

"Thanks for the quick work. I thought what you did was awesome!"
Howard Grandison
Director, MTV

"Andy's all-around amazingness creates a teaching space of trust, entertainment, and ultimately, love. It's so nice to have a place where I'm not afraid of judgment, a place where I can feed off of ideas and have others feed off of mine. It's nice to have a place where I leave inspired and rush to my guitar and/or notebook the second I get home. It's nice to have some place to look forward to going every weekend."
Rachel Shapiro
"Write Yourself Free" songwriting student

"Did I email you that I got a check from ASCAP last week? If only I could be getting checks for lots of my songs all the time! Thanks again for making that happen.  You are the only music biz contact person who has actually delivered what what you promised in years and I really appreciate it. I wish we could work together all the time.
Kimberlye Gold
Indie artist and library songwriter

"A hidden treasure."
Pete Fornatale
Legendary rock and roll disc jockey