Voices In Conflict

“Voices In Conflict” was undoubtedly one of the most exceptional projects I’ve ever been associated with–with a most exceptional story behind it.  Originally crafted and intended as a high school play based on soldiers’ accounts of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the school administration initially green-lit the project but, upon seeing the script, refused to allow it to be performed at the school.  The story broke on the front page of the Metro Section of the New York Times, and soon after across the country and internationally.  The visionary and courageous teacher, creator and director Bonnie Dickinson, subsequently received offers for the cast of students to produce the play from several of New York City’s finest off-Broadway theaters–and, including others, ultimately performed VIC at the venerable Public Theater.  I became the musical director, sound designer, and composer–for which I created an original score, including two original songs… and then performed the score with the cast at our live shows.  Shortly after that, Connecticut Public Television offered to produce a version of the play for broadcast–and two years later, VIC won two Emmy awards:  for me as Composer/Arranger, and for Bonnie and me as Directors of Post-Production.  In addition, we were all nominated for Best Arts and Entertainment Program.  All for a high school play!  And another great example of the AJG One-Stop Shop in action.

Scroll down on the right to view select scenes, scoring and sound from the televised production of “Voices In Conflict.” Please be patient with loading times for some of the vids…

We’re proud that VIC continues to have a life of its own, and has been performed numerous times by other high school student/school and regional theatrical productions.  Click here to navigate to the website for the licensing company, Playscripts, Inc., if you or your organization might be interested in performing VIC.

“Collaborating w/Andy was like working with a long lost brother.  He just knew.  He designed the sound, composed the music, and worked w/ the actors on their vocals for hours.  Andy’s music transformed the world of our play and added tremendous emotional impact.  He is a seasoned professional with a HUGE range.  A joy to work with.”  Bonnie Dickinson, Creator/Director “Voices In Conflict”