Reader’s Digest English20

English20The English20 project for Reader’s Digest was perfectly targeted for the range of services provided by the AJG One-Stop-Shop.  E20 is an English-language learning product, for which Reader’s Digest produced a full-length feature film in English to teach the language in 20-minute lessons a day.  Brilliant:  learn by hearing as well as seeing and experiencing.  I scored 120 scenes in the film; produced the sound design and audio mix; recorded 25,000 lines of audio voice-overs for the language learning lessons that accompanied each scene in the movie; recorded a separate set of 12 Rosetta Stone-like companion audio CD’s that reviewed and expanded on the content; and then was the script writer and producer for video promos recorded remotely for the project.  What a blast!  Scroll below right to view scenes from the E20 movie.  Then click here to listen to a sampling of the companion audio from this amazing product.

“Andy is… well, just the best.  Outstanding projects delivered on time and on budget:  what more could anyone ask for?” Donna Esposito, V.P., Reader’s Digest English

“The talent, intuition, and craft Andy brought to the project didn’t just lift up production values – it increased effectiveness.  He works fast.  He is a first-rate listener and collaborator.  He knows when a pause – or silence – is preferable to a power chord or a cymbal crash.  He sweats the details.  He is the consummate pro.” Conall Ryan, Reader’s Digest “English20” Creator and Producer

“I so enjoyed meeting you and watching you in action!  Your entire team was amazing, committed and excited–a total tribute to you.  Count me among your fans.” Margaret Crotty, Reader’s Digest “English20” Executive in Charge of Production