I’m a music publisher.

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As a publisher, I’m the creator and CEO of Future Hits: a killer collection of independent music for licensing to the visual media and for sale and download to the music consumer.  The Future Hits brand is an extraordinary, exclusive, affordable, pre-cleared song and master catalog of vocals, tracks, and instrumentals.  With a roster of over 150 of some of the world’s elite indie songwriter/composer/recording artist/producers, we also specialize in custom-curated content for our client projects. Check us out here:

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Im a Diva 1As you can see, FH has landed some very cool, high profile placements not typical of your average production library music.  Produced along  worldwide independent licensing and administration partner Spirit Production Music, our catalogs have been responsible for over a thousand placements in broadcast and cable television, film, advertisements, and new media.  Spirit is the world’s fastest growing independent production music library and licensing company, currently representing over 160,000 tracks of pre-cleared music for use in every type of media.                                                                                 SpiritProductionMusicLogo_final

Mall Cop 2 3Like A Boss 2If you are a client in the visual media–film, TV, advertising, or Internet–Future Hits can provide you with unsurpassed and affordable licensable songs and instrumentals for your next project.

PowerMTV Sweet Like Candy 2If you are a songwriter, composer and/or recording artist, Future Hits can provide you with unique and lucrative opportunities to make money with your music by signing up with FH and partnering with us to place your material with our clients:

As a songwriter and composer, I’m also the publisher of a catalog of over 200 works.   If you are interested in licensing a piece of music from me, one you’ve heard on the site or even if not, please contact me here:

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